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Water Service Replacement & Repair

We are a trusted family business providing residential & commercial plumbing services for over 40 years.

Water Service Replacement & Repair in Toronto, Vaughan & The GTA

Eliminate the potential of lead contamination from the water system of your property

Toronto Water Service Replacement & Repair

At Bartman Plumbing Ltd, we provide water main replacements and repairs to the communities of Toronto, Vaughan and the GTA.  Replacing your water service is an effective approach to eliminate the potential of some lead contamination from the water system of your property, ultimately providing you with a cleaner quality of water.  We mainly provide the repair and/or replacement of a water main due to a water main break on the private side of your property line.  When properties have experienced multiple water main breaks, it is at that time that we suggest they consider a full water main replacement. 

Our team of experts specialize in water main replacement services in the greater Toronto area. Residents who receive potable water from the City of Toronto whose property was built before the mid 1950s may likely require a water service replacement. This is because of the problems associated with lead pipes used to distribute water to your property.  Lead pipes require removal and a water service upgrade to a modernized plumbing system to avoid the potential of lead from entering your drinking water.

Bartman Plumbing Ltd has been providing excellent service and value for years in water main replacement service and repairs. We are capable of servicing your property efficiently and effectively from the start of the service to completion. Property owners who are interested in a water service replacement or repair in Toronto can contact us today to learn more on how a water service upgrade can benefit you.  

Water Service Replacement and Repair Toronto
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