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Main Booster Pump Replacements

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Main Booster Pump Replacements in Toronto, Vaughan & The GTA

Pump Installation, Repair Services and Low Water Pressure Solutions in Toronto

Toronto Main Booster Pump Replacements

Sufficient water pressure is important for both your multi-residential or commercial property.  Booster Pumps are required mainly within high rise buildings.  The use of main booster pumps will increase your property’s water pressure to an adequate amount for your residents or tenants. 

Reasons for low water pressure in your Toronto home or business

Several reasons might be the cause of low water pressure.  One main reason for example may be City water pressure not being sufficient for the size of your building.  We at Bartman Plumbing Ltd have the experience and expertise to design and install a preferred VFD booster pump system for your property that will be energy efficient and that will provide ample water pressure for all residents or tenants.  In some cases, where buildings already have older inline booster pump systems, there is an opportunity to replace those systems with VFD booster pump systems.   This will allow for a rebate to be granted to property management/ownership.  Hydro cost savings will also be experienced on an annual basis due to upgrading your current booster pump system with an energy efficient option.  Bartman Plumbing Ltd can provide property management/ownership with approx. rebate expectations and annual costs savings analysis at a time when a proposal would be submitted for consideration to replace a main booster pump system.

Main VFD Booster Pump systems work alongside a pressurized expansion tank to ensure you always experience a preferable level of water pressure whenever demand is required. No matter how many fixtures are being used at one time or how large your building is, we will design your VFD booster pump system to provide adequate water pressure at all times.

We recommend that property management/ownership consider the installation of a VFD booster pump system in the case that one does not exist when experiencing lack of water pressure throughout your building or when you desire the opportunity to save substantial costs for hydro consumption.  When experiencing pressure problems within a high rise building, we ask that you contact our professional plumbers in Toronto to assess your current booster pump configuration or report the lack of a booster pump system.  Our experienced and licensed experts at Bartman Plumbing Ltd can provide you with a complete analysis of your current situation and provide you with a booster pump replacement option to have your water system running at an optimal level.  Contact us today to take advantage of the benefits main VFD booster pumps can provide for your property.

Main BoosterPump Replacements Toronto
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