Emergency Plumbing Services

We are a trusted family business providing residential & commercial plumbing services for over 40 years.

Emergency Plumbing Services in Toronto, Vaughan & The GTA

Problems with your plumbing or drains? We provide 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services.

During a plumbing emergency, you can count on a prompt response from our team of professionals at Bartman Plumbing Ltd.  Urgent attention is required during an emergency plumbing situation and we know how important it is to resolve your problem quickly and efficiently.

Our trained and licensed emergency plumbers take pride in delivering fast solutions and quality service and we are always ready to dispatch our technicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At times a toilet may break or a drain may clog resulting in an emergency, especially when a backed up main drain results in flooding that can’t be ignored. In situations such as these, immediate action from emergency plumbers are required.

Serving the community since 1979 and being available to support our customers any time of the day sets us apart from other plumbing companies. We make it our commitment to give you the help and support that you need during any emergency situation.

Examples of Plumbing Problems Considered As Emergencies

  • Frozen, Leaking or Burst Pipes – Frozen pipes can become very problematic. A frozen pipe may burst and cause a major flood either while the pipe is frozen or at the time that it thaws. In order to solve a serious problem such as a flood from a leaking or burst pipe our professional expertise can be called upon.
  • Backed Up Main Drain - Your property might be going through a drain overflow problem. This is an emergency situation that cannot be ignored. Bartman Plumbing Ltd can resolve the problem.
  • Broken Sump Pump – If your sump pump fails, you risk the potential of unsafe, rising water levels from your sump pump pit. This can cause major damage to your property.
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