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Backflow Prevention

We are a trusted family business providing residential & commercial plumbing services for over 40 years.

Backflow Prevention in Toronto, Vaughan & The GTA

Trained & licenced backflow specialists providing backflow prevention and cross connection control installations, repairs, and testing

Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention is a by-law requirement enforced by most municipalities in Ontario to protect the municipality’s potable water system from non-potable water.  In general, once water is delivered by a municipality’s water service to most multi-residential, commercial, and/or industrial properties, the water delivered is then deemed non-potable and must not re enter a municipality’s water service supply.  Backflow prevention is protection for us all to ensure that any water that may have been contaminated after being delivered to a property does not backflow into a municipality water service.  The cause of backflow can be from either back siphonage or back pressure within a plumbing system.  One example of backflow occurring in which water would flow in a upstream direction from a property back into a municipal water service would be caused by a water main break on a municipal service water line. 

At Bartman Plumbing Ltd, our backflow technicians can conduct mandatory municipal cross connection surveys.  We also design and install all new domestic water backflow prevention device installations and our licensed experts can test and repair all domestic water backflow preventers to ensure that they are in good working order and that they pass all municipality test requirements on an annual basis.  In regards to new installations, we have licenced backflow engineers when municipalities require that our backflow designs are submitted for permit with engineered stamped drawings. 

The trained and licenced experts at Bartman Plumbing Ltd are knowledgeable backflow specialists who are highly qualified to perform a required task associated with your backflow prevention and cross connection control installations, repairs, and testing in Toronto, Vaughan and the GTA.

We are committed to providing customers with reliable, cost effective and quality services since our inception in 1979. We are a reliable plumbing company serving the community of Toronto and neighbouring areas.

Backflow Prevention Toronto
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